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The whole water bottling industry needs undoing

The good news is that on March 19 the Tweed Shire Council voted to remove water extraction for bottling as an allowable industry in this shire.

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Times have changed.

Once Australia was a penal colony, once women were not allowed to vote, once indigenous people were treated as livestock, once equal marriage was just a fairy tale.

Water mining can be wound back and indeed it must be.

These people never give up. 24 hours a day, they truck water out. Private profit at the expense of a community asset.

Slideshow above by Richard Deem. Many thanks! Bad language by Pat.

They’re still rumbling through where we live. At all hours of the day and night.

We’ve been busy.

The Tweed Water Alliance has been fighting water mining since early 2017.

The fight is not over by a long shot.

The New South Wales government under Water Minister Niall Blair implemented an inquiry through the Office of the Chief Scientist to examine the sustainability of the bottled water industry. The National Party are worried because farmers are seeing groundwater depleted.

The interim report was released in early March 2019 and the final report was published on October 31 2010. Embarrassing.