Tweed Shire Council Election

Saturday, December 04, 2021.

Click here to see why we suggested this and who the people are leading those groups.

To stop the money grab, over-development, environmental vandalism, an unsustainable economy and this awful water mining, we recommend you vote above the line in the following order:


  • 1 – D
  • 2 – A
  • 3 – B
  • 4 – F
  • 5 – I
  • 6 – L

It’s the same as Chris Cherry’s ‘How to Vote’. Click here to go to it or use the QR code to put it on your phone. Take it with you when you’re voting.


Authorised by B. Ray, 494 Byrril Creek Road, Byrrill Creek.

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Slideshow above by Richard Deem. Many thanks! Bad language by Pat.

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