We need to mobilise people and armchair activism on social media really doesn’t cut it. People have already stopped the trucks rumbling through Uki. the first was in October 2018 when irate Uki residents stopped a water tanker.

If you are interested in taking non-violent direct action, a large number of people are very angry and very happy for you to join them.

We need you to write to Tweed Shire councillors, lobby state government members, complain to the state ombudsman. Use all avenues you can to overturn this awful industry.

It’s easy to convince people who agree with you. It’s a lot harder to change someone’s opinion. Be brave, polite and well informed.

There are other things you can do:

A simple thing – take photos of these water trucks in our shire and post them to Facebook with time, date, location and direction of travel. Send them to the Tweed Shire Council as a complaint.

Our Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/tweedwaterally/ and you can also post to us on Twitter @tweedwaterally

Even if you don’t have a photo, feel free to post your support on the Facebook page.