Tweed Water Alliance is a group of people keen on scrutinising water mining – “ground water extraction” in the language of the industry – for bottling for profit.

Our groundwater is at risk

We believe there’s far more to this than meets the eye. If you pay for an impact study, the study says what the money says. It’s simple. We don’t believe there is any valid research supporting whether extracting groundwater is sustainable. In other countries the precedent is set. Water bottlers have bled groundwater dry.

We’re fighting the unlimited extraction of water from a world heritage water table for the profit of a few.

That this water goes into single use disposable plastic bottles is the appalling end result of greed. One of the water takers is bottling the bore water in glass in an attempt to sustain the nonsense that it’s somehow healthful and pristine. Same greed, same bullshit, different container.

Then there’s the issue of enormous trucks. They do unreasonable damage to roads and the amenity of our home environment. Our peace and the disproportionate wear on our roads is the cost of water mined and transported for someone else’s profit.

Nobody except the water miners and transport companies benefit. they provide no jobs for the local community.

Not one.