Media and background

The fight is on – again.

The vote was finally taken and passed unanimously to remove water mining from the Tweed Shire Local Environment Plan.

The vote was taken on March 19 and the removal will have to go through the state government processes to be made law. Our legal people don’t see an issue with this but we’ll be watching.

Click here to read our open letter to the Chief Scientist and TSC Councillors about our displeasure at attempted political disruption to a council vote.

Click here to read the entire OCSE letter.

Click here to read the Echo’s version of it.

We have been increasing our media presence.

Here’s the BayFM Eco Futures Interview from Wednesday December 11 in response to the Office of the Chief Scientist and Engineer’s final report on the the bottled water industry.

Click here for a beaut little pamphlet from the Water Dragons about the issue. Download, print and distribute if you like.

ABC NSW Country Hour broadcast noon November 20, 2019. Edited excerpt about water mining here, or the entire podcast can be found here.

However the reply from the water miner – a text – didn’t address anything except how wonderful they were. We reckon it was written by a publicist; spot the snow job. Click here to find out all the things she should have addressed. It’s the letter from the Tweed Shire Council dated August 27 requiring further information around whether their application to increase their water theft to 150Ml should be approved. That was the one with 488 objections.

ABC Radio National story on the bottled water industry on Saturday November 9, 2019. Click here.

Here’s a little listening for you – the water mining feature on BayFM on November 7, 2019. Click here.

In March 2018 the water mining issue was covered comprehensively by the ABC. the issue is still beset be sleight of hand and prevarication because there’s a lot of money in it. At our expense – for very few greedy businesses. The legislation is written to favour the businesses.

We have to change that.

Here’s the ABC’s 7.30 Report story from March 21 2018.

For the more visually oriented people, here’s the link to ABC video.

Landline took up the story on Sunday March 25, 2018.

Letters / Correspondence
Feel free to use these as a basis for your own lobbying.

This is an open letter to the residents of the Tweed Shire. Please share widely.

Click here for our letter to Water Minister Melinda Pavey on November 16 pointing out she has the power to stop groundwater extraction under Section 324 of the Water Act 2000.

This media release calls on NSW Water Minister Melinda Pavey to stop the water extraction industry.

This is the flyer we letterboxed along the route of the tankers in June. It outlines pretty clearly why we don’t want this.

Click here for the truck movements from the operating water miners. Who and when.

We are reviewing ‘Still Lawless’ and have removed this from our site.