Here’s when they are supposed to run the trucks.

Please photograph water tankers whenever you see them and note the place, date and time. Getting the number plates is a great idea too – it seems they are all registered in Queensland so don’t pay a cracker towards our road maintenance.

We are amassing evidence that they are on our roads and exceeding their development application provisions.

Just getting the happy snap is the important thing. The trucks are on a public road or are on a property visible from a public road. It is perfectly legal to do so as long as you don’t trespass or otherwise infringe the law to take the photo. Despite what irritated water miners might say.

The water miners’ road ruining trucks are only allowed on our roads at certain times. They are, by site:

  • KYNNUMBOON – 308 Numinbah Road.
    Operating days, hours & No. of trips:
    Monday – Friday. 7am – 7pm. 10 trips (5 in & 5 out) – excluding public holidays.
    Saturday & Sunday. 8am – 12pm. 4 total trips (2 in & 2 out)
  • NOBBYS CREEK – 101 Bryens Road.
    1 (one) 5 tonne truck per week – No large tankers.
  • MOUNT WARNING SPRING WATER – 2574 Kyogle Road, Kunghur.
    Operating days, hours & No. of trips:
    Monday – Friday. 9am – 3pm. 8 trips per day (4 in & 4 out)
  • URLIUP – 477 Urliup Road.
    Operating days, hours & No. of trips:
    Monday to Friday. 7.00am to 6.00pm. ·
    Saturday and Sunday. 8.00am – 6.00pm. 12 trips per day (6 in & 6 out) – 6 metre trucks only.

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