Wednesday September 20

Between Wednesday September 20 and Wednesday October 04 2017, the documentation for

is available online for comment.

The Tweed Water Alliance encourages everyone who has an interest in the background issues to go and have a look at the proposal. We understand it’s heavy going, but the going will be heavier if water mining is allowed in the future.

Our major objections to this entire industry are:

  • The movement of 15m water trucks is compromising the ‘liveability’ of our area.
  • These same trucks weigh around 43 tonnes loaded and are ruining roads designed for very infrequent heavy traffic.
  • There is no benefit to the shire – the job creation is non-existent and there is no contribution to the shire revenues.
  • The amount of water extracted from the water table is unknown, seemingly unregulated and without any research into the long term effects of drawing large amounts of water from the water table.
  • The water ends up in single use plastic bottles – hugely expensive to produce and environmentally appalling.

You can do something about it. Go to our “You Can Help” page. We have put the important points and letters you can send to council. Feel free to use one of our letters or of course write your own.

The link to the Development Application is here.


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