Thank you

The fundraiser last Saturday was incredibly successful. 150 people came out to support us in our resistance to water mining in the Tweed.

The generosity of our community is a little humbling and we feel as if we’re equipped with the awareness and backing to prosecute the argument against water mining.

We have many people to thank so please bear with us. This is in no particular order – the coalition of generosity was the thing that made it work – from the fantastic jams, the cracker trombone number, the speeches, musicians, foodie people, sponsors and donors, the crowd, everything made it happen.

Our heartfelt thanks to:


  • Scott Sledge, Jeremy Tager, Barbara Downs, Desley Banks for giving us perspectives on the debate.


  • Az Is, Tomi Gray, Kellie and Kuwani Barnett, Loren, Mantlepeace, Wall of Love, Sydney or the Bush for wonderful ‘shed a tear’ to ‘get up and dance’ tunes.

Donors and Sponsors

  • Gymea Eco Retreat and Spa, A Tinker’s Cuss, Herbal High Herbs, Chai Potions, Jean Bambery, Tom and Kath Mills, Uki Supermarket, Jeanette and Simone Renton, Heather McMasters, Robyn Herbert.

And our fantastic artists who made objects of beauty for the silent auction:

  • Jim Williams for a beautiful hand-made ukulele.
  • Claire Larrivee for the intricately fascinating ‘Laced Butterfly’ painting.
  • Francisco at No Mad Potter Studios for a teapot and cups to die for.

Author: patmiller494

Artist, writer, fanatical sailor. Not keen on people who think they can just have everything and anything for money.